The Flowers



Ideas for chapel decorations and flowers are infinite.  Check and see what, if any, restrictions there are at your venue.  I don’t allow runners or flower petals at Sacred Heart, the runners are a slippery mess and the flower petals get ground into my beautiful marble floor or stuck on somebody’s fabulous stiletto.  Just not worth it!

Use the flowers you have to the max-line up your bridal bouquets on the communion rail; take your altar arrangements to the reception; use your unity candle arrangement on your head or personal table; you might even be able to use pew ribbon as chair sashes!

Remember that certain flowers have a better “life” than others-make sure your florist has a good reputation for only using the freshest and most seasonal flowers.

If you are doing “pew bows” you don’t necessarily have to do every pew.  As long as you go all the way back, doing every other or every third looks very nice.  It’s not a good idea to use them only on the first few pews or to “reserve” pews. When you are taking a picture of the whole chapel, you want continuity.

Some of my favorite florists in the Detroit Metro Area are:

The Flower Company 248.585.4099

Gerych’s Distinctive Floral Designs 810.629.5995

Hollye Mackler 248.454.8858

Molly’s Folly (floral/party planning) 248.642.9615

The Parsonage 248.625.4340

Clever Bumblebee Creations (floral/party planning) 586.215.6676

Chris Engels Greenhouse (Patrick) 313.843.4438




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