You Said Yes!



You’re getting married!!

Got questions?  I hope so, because I have answers!

What do we do first?

Pick a range of dates.  Try not to get stuck on one date right away…

Now, find your ceremony site!  (Remember, Catholic ceremonies cannot be held outdoors.)  Your choices will include:

Catholic parish to which you belong

Catholic chapel

Catholic cathedral

Ceremony Site Question Checklist:

Do I need to be a member of your church to be married there?

What is the cost?

What is the capacity?

Are there vocalists and musicians included?

Are there restrictions to the type of music we choose?  (Important if you think you may want some non traditional music or to bring in an ensemble or your own musicians/vocalists.)

Are there decorating restrictions?

Is there a dress code for the bridesmaids or bride?  (off the shoulder/strapless)

Is the priest or deacon’s stipend included?  (My personal experience is that priests and deacons charge between $400 and $500.)

Do you have my date available?

What days do you hold ceremonies? (Some locations offer Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ceremonies.)

What times are ceremonies held and what is the allotted time frame we are allowed to be on site?  (You’ll want to know your arrival time, your ceremony time, and your departure time up front.)

Is it possible to rent extra time either before the ceremony for pictures and or decorating and afterward for pictures if we need to?

Do you have a bridal room to get dressed and ready or do we have to come dressed?

Is it air conditioned?

Is there a coordinator included?  If so, what is their role?

Will there be a sacristan to set up for mass and help the priest?

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